Photos taken by me of the area immediately surrounding Banyuls

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View of Vineyards and Tour Madeloc taken from across the road from the front of the house.  You can drive to the tower - follow the road up from Champion Supermarket at the other side of town.  Road is twisty and narrow but there are stopping places and a car park at the top.








Banyuls from the mountains.  Photo taken from the road part of the way up to Tour Madeloc.







Grapes in the vineyards of Banyuls.  Banyuls produces a speciality fortified wine similar to a sherry or a port.  For more info search for "Banyuls" on Google or see entry on Wikipedia






Coastline past Les Elmes - taken from the coastal footpath to Port Vendres.








View back to Banyuls and Les Elmes from the coastal footpath.  To walk the path you need to be reasonably fit, wear decent shoes and have a good head for heights.  The path starts at the opposite end of the beach in front of the Hospital which is past Les Elmes Beach.  The tourist office in Banyuls can provide further details.




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