In Memory of my Father - Joseph Albert Willis 26th November 1916 - 28th February 2007
My Fathers pictures taken in England, Middle East and Italy 1939 to 1944 As there are many pictures, I've divided them up by year. Follow the links for other years. 1941
On the Western Desert moving towards the forward area Monument to Mussollini - now destroyed by an earthquake Original picture undated but thought to be 1941 Taken in January 1941 - Bethlehem - spent about 4 hours here Suitcase bought in Belfast 1936, picture taken Sudan Oct 1941 This may a postcard rather than a photo Later destroyed by the British Dad - back row left hand side (arrowed) Dad on right hand side of picture Dad marked with a X Man in Centre - Ernie Ward from London - the Squadron cook. Man on right - Sward - a local Sudanese who used to work in the camp. At rest camp Dad in the right foreground