In Memory of my Father - Joseph Albert Willis 26th November 1916 - 28th February 2007
My Fathers pictures taken in England, Middle East and Italy 1939 to 1944 As there are many pictures, I've divided them up by year. Follow the links for other years. 1943
Tim Timney & self with shot down German aircraft - which had been gathered into a pile. 1st Picture 2nd Picture Watched the Hurricane land - seemed to land OK. Was taxying in, suddenly swung towards me onto the sand - had to run out out of the way. Pilot Officer Thornton in picture near propeller. Camped in Edku for several weeks Other MT drivers here were Jim Harvey and Jim Hagger. Flt Sgt F Harris on the left hand side.  Other two unknown. One of my Fathers friends who was later killed when his aircraft was shot down Brand new (at the time) Canadian Ford lorry. Handed over to me by Warrant Officer Davies - a Welshman - told me to look after her. Note 6th Squadron logo - "Tinopener" above right mudguard. A German pilot wounded in the head over Tobruk. He later died of his wounds after transferring to a hospital in Tobruk My Fathers friend, killed in action 24th March 1943 - he is pictured above.  My Father also met with Flt Sgt Harris' mother after the war. The arch was designed by architect Florestano Di Fausto in response to a request by the Italian Governor-General Italo Balbo. It was unveiled on 16 March 1937 in a lavish night ceremony attended by Benito Mussolini.   it was demolished by dynamite in 1973 My Father used to talk about checking shoes, tent etc. for scorpions.