In Memory of my Father - Joseph Albert Willis 26th November 1916 - 28th February 2007
My Fathers pictures taken in England, Middle East and Italy 1939 to 1944 As there are many pictures, I've divided them up by year. Follow the links for other years. 1942
Going from the Sudan - heading for the Western Desert. From here on - continued up the desert next destination Barce in Libya My Father knew the difference so I don't know why he got this wrong.  He also said he had only seen Spitfires on rare occasions.  These Mk VI high altitude Spitfires sent to Egypt to combat the high flying Ju 86 threat. When the threat sub-sided the Spitf Both British and German after the battle of El Alamein Only passing through Dad on the left.  The man on the right (unnamed) was killed later on Aircraft is apparently a Bayerische Flugzeugwerke Bf 110 F-4 My Father apparently misidentified the aircraft - it is actually a Bayerische Flugzeugwerke Bf 110 F-4 In tent for a few weeks - excavated below tent to a depth of three feet to get some room and to offer protection. Was here when battle of El Alamain started. The place lit up with gun flashes and I could feel the ground shaking. Photo taken 22nd December 1942.  Man's name unknown Man's name unknown Woman's name unknown Boy's name unknown Names unknown Walked through this German & Italian graveyard. The graves have since been moved and are no longer here.  Text on cross appears to read Gefr. Friedel Sebergek 8.XI 42 Man on left is Johnny Bettridge from Stoke on Trent. Centre is Darkie Smallwood from the Midlands of England (possibly near Birmingham). Myself on the right. Image appears to read Llffz H Dircks or Llffg H Dircks 6 Squadron leaving War area in 1942 from Helwan. Moving to a forward holding area.  Lorry driver, J A Willis Went past this several times - will be familiar to any 6th Squadron driver. Possibly somewhere near Derna but not sure. With a captured Italian rifle A mate - Tim Timney from Middlesbrough. I taught him how to drive lorries.... Old Canadian Ford 3 Ton truck - one of the many I drove. We often changed trucks. Had dug 3 ft under tent for shelter 1942 - 2nd retreat from Barce in Libya. Had to drive fast and keep going. No time to rest. Driver fell asleep. Lorry was on its side and has been pulled back upright by lorry in foreground. Destroyed 1973 Going back to war after visting Abu Simbel Lasted 10 Mins Location unknown Picture taken from a boat named "Lotus" The River Nile and an Arab village - openings into the hillside. En route to Wadihalfa. Inscription reads Sgt Martin B (RCAF) 27 A2 Aircraft fitted with 40mm Cannon used for "tankbusting". Guns were fitted to aircraft at Shandhur Egypt in 1942. During the siege of Tobruk, we were moved to Alexandria by Australian destroyer "the Vampire" we stayed in a hotel three to four days before being transferred by train to Tel Aviv. In Tel Aviv I was Batman to the 6th Squadron medical officer - Dr Marchant